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Outsource Junction
"Just a brief note to thank you for last week. Everyone enjoyed the great man's motivational tour de force ....even our visiting Frenchman!"
- Ian Horseman Sewell, Chief Executive.

Douglas & Gordon Estate Agents
"You were brilliant... the huge worry is that quite a number of my employees thought you were a real motivational speaker!! And I'm not kidding. The others thought you were VERY funny. Many thanks."
- Ivor Dickinson, Managing Director.

Mortgage Strategy Magazine (Summit Event)
"Even though they are all still at the event, Simon took time out to call me and to thank me he said you made the day and were even being quoted by the chairman this morning. You hit it just right and all are very happy. Thank you again."

Thinkbox TV Planning Awards
"May I say GIANT thanks to you! A superb performance. We've had great feedback and are simply delighted with how things went which is down to you and L-Vo." - Marketing Communications Manager

"Vuvundi, vuvundi. It's all kicking off tomorrow. Lives were changed, L-Vo. There are simply no words to express our gratitude. Everyone loved you, Neil. You were perfect for the event. It has been a great pleasure to meet you." - Tess Alps, Chief Executive

"We had a lot of great feedback for your performance from guests as they were walking out. It was brill!"
- Marketing Communications Executive

Star Reefers PLC.
"On behalf of all the sponsors we would very much like to express our thanks for your performance at our event at Luton Hoo on Friday. It is often difficult to pitch comedy to a truly cross-sectional international audience, but from the reactions to your act afterwards your performance was almost universally applauded.
     L-Vo is a great routine and the performance was so polished. Obviously a few people failed to see the irony in your act even commenting, "he is not a very good motivator" but I think a sense of humour is almost impossible to locate in such persons. Many thanks for your time and effort in ensuring such a success was made of this important part of our day's program. Thanks for everything - I'll be basking in your reflected glory for a while."
- Richard Bright

Office Club Ltd.
"L-Vo came, L-Vo saw, and L-Vo conquered! Faced at 9.30 a.m. on a Sunday with an audience mixed in every sense - age, gender, ethnicity, confusion, experience and ability he seized the brief and inspired and delighted them with his unique brand of Motivitality and left them enthused and positive "YES!" was the word on the lips of every delegate and the sign they gave throughout the Conference. They were ready fired up - to follow The Succeeder and Be Succeedy! Not only one of the finest and most memorable keynote speakers we've ever had, but also the one with the best hair concept.
     Joking aside, I really was most impressed with your contribution. Thanks very much for a great performance without doubt one of the best keynote speeches we've ever had. You set the day up perfectly. The audience will remember your message long after you have gone; indeed there were many signs (especially the letters "Y" and "L") of this throughout the day and into the evening. Truly much appreciated."
- Mark Austen Managing Director

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
"Everyone loved L-Vo's performance."

"Thank you (and L Vaughan Spencer!) for a fantastic evening. Everyone, and I literally mean everyone, present thought you were fab. You were the talk of the office yesterday. Thank you so much."

Sales Interaction
"He has a unique gift of being able to capture an audience's total attention whilst simultaneously being entertaining, thought provoking, irreverent, outrageous, creative and also little bizarre he does this at the same time as being very very funny."

Astra Zeneca
"I really enjoyed your session, as did the rest of the team. As this was our first meeting as a new team, I was keen to do something a little different to create a motivational feel for the event and having heard of The Succeeder's great work in this area, thought he would be the ideal choice.
     It was just the sort of thing we needed to kick the team off on a high and I was impressed with your ability to remember aspects of our business and people's names and personalise the act for our benefit.
     Thanks again and I hope that we can utilise your unique talents again in the future."
"Thanks for the motivational lift. I am already conducting an urgent review of my hair and moisturising arrangements for Q4."
- Edward Chatham, International Sales & Commercial Director

"Thank you for all you did for us last week! You went down a storm as usual!!"

"We ALL enjoyed your show - people were talking about you up until day 3. It was fantastic! Well done and thank you."
Jacqueline Yongo - Global Distribution Change Manager

"It was a pleasure working with you and thanks for adding a new dimension to our rep meeting. Your performance was very much appreciated by the audience and inspired many references during the remainder of the conference.
     Today each area office team had to make a presentation on where we will be by end of next year with our business goals and it was interesting to see how they drew on your performance with references to "succeeders" not being "under achievers" and, of course, "moisturizing".
     It underlined for me how well your show fits with serious business goals while having fun after a long working day. Francis, Bill and Paolo enjoyed it too despite being "targets" (Werner too).

"Just to say how much I enjoyed your performance at the Complinet Awards dinner. Yes I am one of those sad guys who does compliance all day. It was great to hear someone doing such a great send-up of the profession. We need to laugh at ourselves more often!

Jack Morton Worldwide
"It really was a tonic and everyone who saw Neil had a very good time. It was just terrific to see everyone laughing. Neil, of course, was fab and I would be very surprised if you don't get some calls soon. He's exactly the sort of act that colleagues will slot into a show. Topical, easy and very funny. Do thank him". - Creative Director

Medical Conference
"Thanks so much for the performance. It was GREAT. Lots of people have said it was perfect. Module 2 and 3 suitably motivitalised. Thanks again!". - Medical Conference Organiser

Quest Media / Institute of Customer Service
"As deputy managing director of Quest Media, a publishing and event management company, I am involved in running up to twenty prestigious events (conferences and dinners) each year.
     Recently we used Neil Mullarkey in the guise of L Vaughan Spencer as after-dinner entertainment at the 2005 Annual Conference of the Institute of Customer Service. Having seen the act live, I knew Neil would be successful (I do not gamble with my audiences) but I was unprepared for just how successful he would be. To say he went down a storm would be an understatement. The audience were in tears of laughter and my clients (the Institute) were completely delighted to the extent that they confirmed my company would be awarded the contract to run the event in 2006.
     Neil was entirely professional in his approach to this booking (this will be supported by my event manager who handled the ongoing contact) and his timing and delivery on the night were truly amazing. I am recommending this act for another dinner for a different client, another professional body, next year. As a former managing director of a company with a 750 strong sales force in the financial services sector, I would have no hesitation in recommending L Vaughan Spencer to a financial sector company - they will love the act."

HBOS (Halifax Bank of Scotland)
We have invited Neil, in the guise of L. Vaughan Spencer, to speak at 4 major conferences we've held in the last 10 months. On each occasion his act has been extremely well received by different audiences ranging from junior management to executive level colleagues, both male and female.
     The act is a hilarious antidote to a day of serious corporate messages and yet, ironically, potentially aligned to some of those messages; e.g. pushing personal performance. Neil is a highly polished and professional entertainer and as L. Vaughan Spencer he delivers the requisite "wow" factor often missing in after dinner speakers. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

The Independent
"The Independent gave L Vaughan Spencer a difficult brief - to provide some light-hearted relief at a conference centred around financial performance and difficult trading conditions. L Vo delivered with aplomb. He had the entire room laughing relentlessly from start to finish.
     Anyone who has spent time training or with any type of motivational speaker could not fail to find this excruciatingly funny. The level and style of interaction with the audience pushed the boundaries to the limit but never over the edge. The real beauty is that the whole act is entirely plausable. Half of the room thought he was for real for the first 20 minutes. I cannot recommend him highly enough."
- Advertising Manager, The Independent

"Just a brief note to thank you for L. Vaughan Spencer at our conference last Sunday. On Monday morning the classified advertising department was reverberating to shouts of "I'm motivitalised". Suffice to say that everybody thought that the whole thing was absolutely brilliant."
- Commercial Director, The Independent.

Direct Line
"We all feel succeederised and the spirit of L-Vo will live long in our hearts as was evident by the ladies from marketing singing the "Succeedy-Succeedy" anthem on the coach home. Steve is nursing his wounds and we have recommended your book "Chicken Nuggets for the Soul" to him and will be providing him some motivational muffins to improve his newly acquired L-oser status. A big thank you from me and all the folks here who have been singing your praises since the event."

"Neil (as L-Vo) did a fantastic job for us in energising and entertaining the Top 100 Executives in our business with a quick wiited and satirical view on what it takes to be an effective leader. He was brilliant at quickly incorporating relevant Unilever content into his act and had us all in stitches with his pointed humour. I would thoroughly recommend using him for any occasion where the objective is to provoke and entertain."

"We booked L-Vo to perform at the Aviva conference in Brighton with some trepidation, not knowing what to expect! I can attest to being absolutely delighted with the performance and the great reaction from the audience. Feedback from all the team was positive and they all really enjoyed the experience of V-Lo - audience interaction was superb and I would have no hesitation in recommending L-Vo for an event!"

"A thoroughly enjoyable and sharp after-dinner comedy performance by L. Vaughan Spencer. was an excellent end to our conference. The level of research Neil did prior to the performance helped tailor it for our company ensuring that the jokes were both highly topical and rib-ticklingly funny. I would have no reservation in recommending L Vo for any similar after-dinner extravaganza."

it's Neil's comedic genius & insight into the world of corporate angst, that has allowed him to inject the all essential ingredient of subtle humour & comedy value to create superb observation & real perspective for our Blue Chip world & provide us with provoking messages all our business are much in need of. (Fun!). click for more

L-Vo has performed for many more organisations accross the world, including:

Sodexho  •  Vodafone  •  Various Health Service conferences  •  Tudor Capital  •  The Robin Hood Foundation (New York)  •  Ziff Brothers (New York)  •  Pearson  •  Bosch Rexroth  •  BBC Worldwide  •  Albourne  •  Ashridge and Roffey Park  •  Housing Consortium of Northern England  •  M and G  •  Prism  •  The London Business Forum  •  Jones The Bootmaker  •  The Telegraph Group  •  Help Desk Institute Awards  •  Infoconomy  •  Employment Lawyers Association of Britain  •  British Association of Removers  •  The Hospital Arts Centre/Club.

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